Acordes de...Home Is Such A Lonely Place. Blink-182.

  Blink 182 ya tiene nuevo álbum, se llama "California" y puedes disfrutar de algunas de sus canciones, como siempre en Tabs fácil, en este caso con los acordes de "Home Is Such A Lonely Place".
   Blink 182 en tablaturas fáciles.
   Un saludo.

Home is such a lonely place. Blink 182.

Re                   Mim          Sim       Solm Fa#m
  We're falling faster than we can fly

Re                   Mim          Sim       Solm Fa#m
forgotten seconds out on sunset Drive

Re                   Mim          Sim       
and I hold on tight

Solm    Fa#m    Re            Mim  Sim
but not enough to hold you back

Solm     Sim
It feels like the moon

Solm                                            Sim
is spinning off intro outer space without you

        Solm                        Re Mim Sim Solm Fa#m
this room is such a lonely place without you

Re                            La
I wish that we could save today

Sim              Solm
but I know we can't stay the same

Re                             La
and I keep pushing you away

Sim                 Solm
Don't wait for me

Don't wait for me

Solm                                        Sim
Home is such a lonely place without you

Solm                             Re
Home is such a lonely place...

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